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Game Features

Fast-paced first-person shooter (FPS) game!

Unique retro video game style graphics!

Four difficulty settings to test your skill!

A free or "lite" version of the game is available so you can try before you buy.

The full version of the game includes Chapter 1 - with 10 heart pounding levels!

A "fog of war" style map is included which remains hidden until you discover each part of the level!

Start with only your mop to defend yourself, but find multiple deadly weapons to get revenge on the alien menace!

Uncover secret areas in each level!

Recieve awards for achievements such as finding all secrets, collecting all treasure, sharpshooter, and best time.

Secret areas contain treasure, ammo and medicine; but watch out - the aliens have infested the entire facility, and they can be hidden anywhere.

Change the position of the control and fire buttons on the screen - we have you left-handed players covered!

The game automatically saves the current game state when you exit, so you can resume at any time.

You can select which chapter and level you want to play, or play linearly through each one.

Your To Do List:
a) Grab your mop
b) Find out what happened
c) Make things right
d) Kick some alien butt

In-Game Screenshots from the iPhone



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