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We are looking for passionate developers who are interested in creating the next generation of games and applications.

If this is YOU we want to hear from you!

Please complete the following process to be considered for our team:

Step 1: Fill out our Application

Available here.

Step 2: Update Summary of work

A high level summary of any projects you have worked on in the past. Include what role you had in each project. Include any links to published projects or sites referencing the project.

Step 3: Create Cover Letter & Passion Statement

A one page cover letter including an overview as to why you would make a great addition to the GameMonger Team. Here is your opportunity to add whatever you would like us to consider.

Step 4: Submit Your Information

Send the above electronic files to (Word, PDF, etc,) to

Step 5: We Will Contact You

We will respond to all inquiries that follow the above process.

Intern/Internship Applicants

GameMonger from time to time offers internship programs and intern positions to those who are interested in learning real-world game development. If you are an interested intern applicant please follow the same application process indicated above but specify in your cover letter that you are applying for an intern position so that we know why you may be missing some previous project history. We understand that you may not have extensive published project experience.


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